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Wiches is one of Oxford's Best.
At Wiches they care allot and it shows. If you want a great but non-franchise experience you will not be disappointed.
Love this place! High quality food and ingredients. Soup tastes like it came from an expensive, fancy restaurant.
Great food, and gluten free friendly.
With little time (and inclination) to cook, life has been a struggle since learning my husband is gluten intolerant. Imagine my joy in finding, via Urban Spoon, that 'wiches, which was right on my way home from work, was incredibly gluten free friendly!Everything on the menu can be done gluten free as long as you avoid a couple toppings/sauces. My husband and I have tried their pizza, cheese sticks, sandwiches, desserts, and salads. So pretty much everything. So far all the food has been WONDERFUL. If my husband had his way, we'd order from 'wiches every day.
Great Gluten Free!
I love this place! My family needs gluten free food. In addition to all their wonderful regular choices, Patrick at 'Wiches offers gluten free pizza, breadsticks, sandwiches on homemade gluten free bread and homemade gluten free desserts. All served with a smile and a kind word. It's a gluten free paradise! Thank you 'Wiches!
Great Food And Great Service
I had the Cuban B Sandwich was so good, the service was great and the sandwich was very good :) If Your In Oxford Do Try Wiches :)
This place should be franchised.
Wish there were more than one location so I could try more of their sandwiches. I had a really nice experience and would surely go back if ever in the metro Detroit area.Had the medium-sized New Yorker with corned beef, cole slaw (which was amazing by itself) and Russian dressing on a wheat roll. The bread was perfect. Sort of reminded me of a big soft hot dog bun but made with wheat. it probably could have used more corned beef but whatever, I enjoyed it anyway and had a full belly in the end.I also like to get local dishes whenever I travel so I ordered a cup of "Michigan beer cheese soup" and it was really yummy and like nothing I had ever had before. I almost thought the girl was messing with me when she said it, so I had to order it.Overall a great experience. Like I said I wish there were more places like this but perhaps sometimes keeping it small and simple is the best way to keep it real.
Great Food
Every 'which I have tried I have loved! Their pizza is great too. I especially like the Gyro Pizza. Very unique. Only complaint might be that sometimes the pizza is to crispy for my liking...Next time i think I'll ask for it to be taken out sooner. I am sure this will not be a problem as long as it is fully cooked...these guys aim to please!

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